Virtuous Combatants: Opportunities and Challenges for Ethical Leadership   [open pdf - 149KB]

"Soldiers do not come to the profession of arms morally neutral. They have been shaped by the emotivistic post-modern American culture from which they have come and must adopt a new ethic which will sustain them morally in life and throughout their military career. Beyond the official institutional Army 'Values' and 'Warrior Ethos,' Soldiers need to develop personal virtues of character, both to prevent war crimes and illegal actions, as well as to create a morally positive 'jus in bello' command climate. This paper will present opportunities for and challenges to approaching and implementing ethical leadership in terms of virtue and character. American culture, the Army institution and individual moral development will be examined for the sake of considering how to develop a character based training plan in virtues, in order to form ethical Soldiers and an ethical combat climate."

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Fort Leavenworth Ethics Symposium: http://www.leavenworthethicssymposium.org/
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The Ethics of Vicarious Warfare: U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Ethics Symposium. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 3-6 December 2012.
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