Keynote Address: 2014 Gulf of Aden Regional Counterterrorism Forum   [open pdf - 164KB]

The following is from the Ms. Geeta Pasi's keynote address at the 2014 Gulf of Aden Regional Counterterrorism Forum held in Djibouti on February 3, 2014: "Good morning. I'd like to thank the Government of Djibouti for hosting this conference in Djibouti and the U.S. State Department's Counterterrorism Bureau for funding and organizing the conference. I would also like to thank Ms. Mako Hassan and everyone at ATTA [African Travel and Tourism Association] for doing such an outstanding job of getting all the participants here and for helping to facilitate this forum. This forum -- and forums like it -- are increasingly important as they enable the building of relationships and enhance a shared understanding of best practices as we all work together to achieve our collective goals -- a transnational response to a transnational threat. The Gulf of Aden Regional Counterterrorism Forum, which first convened in Sana'a, Yemen last April, was created out of an understanding of the common threat across the borders of those represented here today. This week's forum comes at a pivotal time. We've made progress with our collective strategic counterterrorism efforts, but a great deal of work remains to be done. The preeminent security threat to the United States continues to be from al-Qa'ida and its affiliates and adherents around the world. As we work to counter this threat over the long term, the United States is committed to helping build partner nation capabilities and to working with our partners to counter the murderous ideology that continues to incite indiscriminate violence around the world. Defeating a terrorist network requires us to work together to disrupt criminal and terrorist financial networks, strengthen rule of law institutions while respecting human rights, address recruitment, and eliminate the safe havens that protect and facilitate this activity. We need to take on violent extremist ideology and diminish its appeal."

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