What is the Problem to Which the Answer Was Public Law 83-280: How is it Working Out and What Should We Do Next?   [open pdf - 7MB]

From the thesis abstract: "This thesis explores the stakeholders' positions in relation to the implementation of Public Law 83-280 (PL 280). PL 280 mandated that states assume jurisdiction on reservation land. The thesis investigates how the uniqueness of this law has caused multi-dimensional problems including; collaborations/partnerships, familiarity with the law, compliance with the law, law enforcement effectiveness and/or impacts, cultural competence, and training/education. The main claim for this thesis is that PL 280 was written as an unfunded mandate without the consent or input from the Tribes and was enacted without clear guidance for implementation. The thesis investigates whether creation of a best practice model would create a collaborative relationship among Tribes and public safety agencies, communication among multiple disciplines, unified leadership and command on an incident, and improvement for all public safety planning. The research identifies what the existing relationships are, what is lacking at an operational level, what training is available, what the challenges have been, and what the next steps should be in order to improve the process of this law. "

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