Reauthorization of SNAP and Other Nutrition Programs in the Next Farm Bill: Issues for the 113th Congress [January 27, 2014]   [open pdf - 592KB]

"The 113th Congress is considering the next 'farm bill' and the reauthorization of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other nutrition programs within that legislation. The 2008 farm bill (P.L. 110-246) and a one-year extension have now expired. In the first session of the 113th Congress, conference committee deliberations have begun based on the Senate's conference proposal (S. 954) and the House's conference proposal (H.R. 2642, amended to include Nutrition-only bill H.R. 3102). (Though the authorizations of appropriations for SNAP and other programs are currently expired, operations continue due to funding provided through appropriations.) As conference proceeds, one of the challenges facing policy makers is the difference between the SNAP provisions. Over the 10-year budget window (FY2014-FY2023), CBO [Congressional Budget Office] estimates that the Senate's Nutrition Title would reduce spending by approximately $4 billion and that the House's Nutrition Title would reduce spending by approximately $39 billion. The House proposal would reauthorize SNAP and related programs for three years, while the Senate would reauthorize the programs for five years."

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