FEMA RIX & HQ 'Thunderbolt' Exercise Southern California Earthquake ESF11 After Action Report   [open pdf - 26KB]

"At 0714 PDT an e-mail message from FEMA's Automated Alert Notification System was received followed by a telecom message via BlackBerry notifying all FEMA RIX [Region IX] ESFs [Emergency Support Functions] that the Region IX RRCC [Regional Response Coordination Center] was activated to Level 1 and that all ESFs were to report immediately to the RRCC. This 'No Notice' EXERCISE was initiated to test the Southern California Catastrophic Earthquake Plan by simulating a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in southeast Los Angeles, California. A 'hotwash' for the RRCC participants was conducted immediately after the full day exercise with sectional breakout sessions and report outs. The following key issues were identified during the 'no notice' EXERCISE. FEMA RIX is preparing a comprehensive AAR [After Action Report]."

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Emergency Support Function 11 (August 2012)
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