All Hazards Plan Validation Table Top Exercise U.S. Virgin Islands Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard After Action Report   [open pdf - 23KB]

"The USVI Earthquake and Tsunami Plan Validation Tabletop Exercise was the culmination of many months of planning for all of the Territorial and Federal Partners in FEMA Region II. It was part of the Catastrophic Planning Tabletop (TTX) Series consisting of FEMA Regional-level exercises to validate catastrophic planning efforts. In addition, a purpose was to test the capability of FEMA and its Federal Partners to provide support to the territorial government of the USVI in order to save and sustain human life, minimize suffering, stabilize critical infrastructure, ensure the continuity of government, and set the conditions for long-term recovery. The response focus of the plan, and the exercise were only centered on addressing ten critical core capabilities-based objectives within the first 72-hours of the event and what FEMA Region II could 'push' out to assist the Territory. The ESF11 Coordinator for FEMA Region II focused planning and exercise play with Mass Care. The scenario for the TTX was a major earthquake and an accompanying series of tsunami waves impacting the USVI and causing major damages throughout the eastern Caribbean. Hundreds of homes and commercial buildings collapsed throughout St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas, resulting in over 55,000 people that needed sheltering and feeding. The harbors were filled with damaged cruise ships, pleasure boats, fishing boats, containers and other debris. The airports were severely damaged and planes were unable to land or take off and navigational aids around the territory were down. Major roads were damaged or inaccessible. Utilities' infrastructures were severely impacted and were made inoperable."

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Emergency Support Function 11 (March 28-29, 2012)
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