DoD Installation Energy Security: Evolving to a Smart Grid   [open pdf - 377KB]

"Department of Defense (DoD) installations are reliant on civilian infrastructure for electrical power. As DoD and private industry evolve their energy production, distribution, and consumption apparatus, does it make sense for DoD installations to develop smart grids and what are the various risks and advantages to participating in smart grid development? DoD installations face many risks to the security of their future source of electrical power: physical, fiscal, natural, and cyber. Recent federal mandates dictate increased use of renewable energy resources, use of advanced electrical meters, and higher energy performance standards for new and existing DoD buildings. The primary methods to achieving these mandates are the increased use of renewable resources and smart grid technologies. The increased use of renewable resources and smart grid technologies is not without risk. Renewable energy resources are inconsistent, and current technology does not allow for energy storage. Smart grid technologies are vulnerable to cyber-attack and lack standardization. There are definitive risks to the DoD installation and its electrical infrastructure participating in smart grid development but the balance of risk versus gain can be found."

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