Intelligence Community Directive Number 653: Pay-Setting and Administration Policies for the Intelligence Community Civilian Workforce, May 14, 2008 [Rescinded]   [open pdf - 1MB]

This Directive has been rescinded as of Jan 2017. The purpose of this Directive is the following: "The IRTPA [Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act] authorizes the DNI [Director of National Intelligence] to prescribe, in consultation with the heads of IC [Intelligence Community] agencies and elements, and the heads of their respective departments, personnel policies and programs that, among other things, enable the IC to recruit, motivate, and retain highly qualified individuals for the effective conduct of intelligence activities, and facilitate the rotation of IC employees between IC components and to the DNI and the national intelligence centers. In accordance with the provisions of ICD [Intelligence Community Directive] 650, this Directive establishes common, core policies and processes for administering pay that are to be incorporated into the compensation systems established and administered by those executive departments and independent agencies that have the statutory authority to do so."

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ICD 653; Intelligence Community Directive 653
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Office of the Director of National Intelligence: http://www.dni.gov/
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