Homicide in the U.S. Known to Law Enforcement, 2011   [open pdf - 3MB]

"In 2011, an estimated 14,610 persons were victims of homicide in the United States, according to FBI data on homicides known to state and local law enforcement […]. This is the lowest number of homicide victims since 1968, and marks the fifth consecutive year of decline. The homicide rate in 2011 was 4.7 homicides per 100,000 persons, the lowest level since 1963. This homicide rate was also 54% below its peak of 10.2 per 100,000 persons in 1980 and 17% below the rate in 2002 (5.6 homicides per 100,000). These findings are based on analyses conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) using data from the FBI's Supplementary Homicide Reports (SHR). The SHR collects detailed information on each homicide reported to state and local law enforcement in the United States, including victim and suspected offender demographic characteristics, the type of weapon used during the incident, and the number of victims killed during the incident. This report describes homicides known to law enforcement in 2011, the most recent year for which detailed data are available, and examines homicide trends from 1992 to 2011, with selected findings from 1960."

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NCJ 243035; National Criminal Justice 243035
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U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics: http://www.bjs.gov/
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