Dragon Awakes: China's Military Modernization Trends and Implications   [open pdf - 13MB]

"When the most recent Cox Report was published in May 1999, it heightened concerns in the United States about how fast China has been modernizing its armed forces and military capabilities. Of course the Cox Report focused on espionage and, in particular, on People's Republic of China (PRC) efforts to acquire U.S. military and commercial technologies with an emphasis on highly sensitive nuclear warhead designs. This was the third report which Congressman Cox's committee has issued in response to recent allegations that American businesses and U.S. government laboratories have shared, or allowed PRC operatives to obtain, sensitive strategic weapons information. In November 1998, the Cox committee issued a classified preliminary report warning the Clinton administration about Chinese espionage. On 3 January 1999, the classified full version was transmitted. Then on 25 May came declassified portions. While it is clear the Chinese have obtained sensitive information about U.S. nuclear capabilities, it is not clear whether this has resulted in actual modernization of deployed or planned PLA [People's Liberation Army] nuclear forces. The four essays that follow analyze broad trends in Chinese military modernization. […] They look at the whole pattern of Chinese military modernization- strategy, doctrine, and weapons acquisition, and mobility changes in China's nuclear, space, Information Warfare (IW), ground, naval, and air forces. And the essays come to pretty much the same conclusion: that while the PLA (which also includes the navy, air force, and Second Artillery Corps) is acquiring 'pockets' of modern capabilities through a variety of legal and illegal endeavors, these selective acquisitions do not offset the overall obsolescence of most of China's armed forces."

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Grinter, Lawrence E. The Dragon Awakes: China's Military Modernization Trends and Implications. Washington D.C.: USAF Counterproliferation Center, 1999.
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