Seismic Waves: Unearthing the Secrets of the San Andreas: A NEHRP-Related Success Story   [open pdf - 443KB]

Seismic Waves is a newsletter published by the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP). "Thoughts of standing atop an active fault can conjure primal fears and imaginings--of, for example, the ground falling open like a trapdoor and dropping like a rock into the deep, dark recesses of the earth. For centuries, native peoples living near present-day Seattle appear to have associated local faults with equally alarming imagery, passing down cautionary tales about a huge and dangerous serpent, a'yahos, that could arise in certain locations to shake the earth and cause landslides. Although scientists who study earthquakes now know that such images are inaccurate, faults have remained largely mysterious and unreachable. That is beginning to change, however, thanks to a scientific investigation under way on California's infamous San Andreas Fault. And in an eerie coincidence, a greenish mineral called serpentine (a name derived from the Latin word 'serpentinus', which means 'resembling a serpent') is figuring prominently in this project."

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Seismic Waves (December 2007)
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