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This report addresses gang issues in London Borough of Enfield, Greater London, United Kingdom. "Scanning: [1] Several youth murders in 2008, three of which were arguably 'gang-related' [2] Widespread media attention referring to Edmonton as 'knife town' highlighting gang problems Several youth gang members injured by gunshot from a Mac-10 submachine gun [3] Fear within the local community - 50% of residents selecting weapon and gang crime as a local priority [4] Concern regular gang stabbings could lead to another fatality [5] 12% increase in youth violence Analysis: [1] Early enforcement did not eradicate gangs and instead paved the way for the younger generation [2] Difficulty in disaggregating individual offences and those carried out collectively [3] Criminality levels varied amongst gang members -- not all members commit crime but nonetheless are at equal risk of serious violence [4] Two rival gangs were responsible for 72% of all violent incidents [5] Gang members were both victims and offenders [6] High-risk locations, gang hangout areas, were the setting for a disproportionate amount of violence"

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