Coffee Break Training: What is Performance Support?   [open pdf - 347KB]

The learning objective is: "The student will be able to distinguish the difference between performance support and training." From the document: "Performance support is a tool or other resource, from print to technology, that provides just the right amount of task guidance, support and productivity precisely when you need it. Examples include, but are not limited to, checklists, Electronic Performance Support Systems, databases, a reference table or even something as simple as a recipe. All performance support definitions focus on tools and resources, with the emphasis on application and the timing 'at the moment of need.' You don't use performance support to learn a task, but rather, you use it to support performing the task. Although the concept of 'tool' is important in understanding performance support, we cannot consider all tools as performance support. Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University, Allison Rossett, stated that 'to qualify, the object (tool) must house valued information, processes, or perspectives that target a task or need.' A computer would not be performance support, but a software application might be."

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