Coast Guard Cutter Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress [November 18, 2013]   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Potential oversight issues for Congress regarding the NSC [National Security Cutters], OPC [Offshore Patrol Cutters], and FRC [Fast Response Cutters] programs include the following: [1] the impact on the NSC, OPC, and FRC programs of the March 1, 2013, sequester on FY2013 funding; [2] the potential impact on the NSC, OPC, and FRC programs of a possible sequester on FY2014 funding that might occur in late 2013 or early 2014 under the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011; [3] the adequacy of the Coast Guard's planned NSC, OPC, and FRC procurement quantities; [4] the lack of a request in the Coast Guard's proposed FY2014 budget for acquisition funding for long lead time materials (LLTM) to support the procurement of an eighth NSC in FY2015; [5] the Coast Guard's FY2014 request for acquisition funding for two (rather than six) FRCs; [6] delays, cost growth, and testing issues in the FRC program; [7] the $25 million in acquisition funding requested for FY2014 for the OPC program, which is one-half of the $50 million that was projected for FY2014 under the Coast Guard's FY2013 budget submission; [7] the Coast Guard's acquisition strategy for the OPC; [8] the potential for using multiyear procurement (MYP) in acquiring new cutters; [9] whether 8 NSCs, 25 OPCs, and 58 FRCs is the best mix of cutters that could be procured for roughly the same total amount of acquisition funding; and [10] the adequacy of information available to Congress to support review and oversight of Coast Guard procurement programs, including cutter procurement programs."

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