SALT II Crisis: An Opportunity to Limit the Dangers   [open pdf - 486KB]

This is a report about the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) II which was "signed on 18 June 1979 at the Vienna Summit Conference". "The Treaty was transmitted to the US Senate where extensive hearings began in July in three committees-Foreign Relations, Armed Services, and Intelligence. SALT II is now before the full US Senate for debate, with a final vote on ratification of the treaty expected shortly. A two-thirds majority, or 67 of the 100 Senators, must vote to approve the agreement or SALT will be rejected. […] It is interesting to note that much of the debate surrounding the SALT II treaty has not been about the specific limitations of the agreement itself, but about the appropriate level of US defense expenditures. This is not altogether inappropriate because our national security in the nuclear age rests on two bulwarks-maintaining viable deterrent forces and negotiating equitable and verifiable arms control agreements. […] Overall, the SALT debate so far has had a constructive effect. Rather than causing a letdown in US defense efforts, the debate has catalyzed a new consensus behind stronger US defense programs as well as a consensus that further negotiations should put greater quantitative and qualitative limits on nuclear weapons programs in each country."

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Parameters (1979), v.9, no.4
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