Committee Print: National Intelligence Estimates A-B Team Episode Concerning Soviet Strategic Capability and Objectives: Report of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, Subcommittee on Collection, Production, Production, and Quality: United States Senate, Together With Separate Views. Ninety-fifth Congress, Second Sesson, February 16, 1978   [open pdf - 883KB]

"The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, as part of its oversight function, has conducted a study of the 1976 'A Team-B Team' experiment in comparative assessments of Soviet strategic strength which was initiated by the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB). The committee conducted this inquiry under its mandate to evaluate the collection, production, and quality of U.S. intelligence, in this case assessing whether the A-B experiment had proved to be a useful procedure in improving National Intelligence Estimates (NIE's) on a centrally important question. The pertinent facts of the A-B case are (a) that PFIAB commissioned three ad hoc outside groups (composing the 'B Team') to examine the data available to the U.S. intelligence community's analysts (the 'A Team'), to determine whether such data would support conclusions on Soviet strategic capabilities and objectives different from those presented in the community's NIE's; and (b) that during the exercise details of these sensitive questions leaked on several occasions to the press. The committee has prepared a classified report on the subject, sent copies of that report to the executive branch, made copies available to certain members of the B Team for review and comment, and subsequently rechecked the record thoroughly and accommodated some of the B Team members' comments. A summary of the committee's report follows."

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95th Congress, 2nd Session, Committee Print
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