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From the "mission" section of the website: "For nearly fifteen years, scores of jurisdictions across the country have been implementing two effective strategies to reduce violence and eliminate drug markets. The strategy for preventing gang violence, first developed in Boston, MA, has been successfully applied in cities as diverse as Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, and Stockton, CA. The strategy for eliminating overt community drug markets, first developed in High Point, NC, has been successfully applied in cities as diverse as Providence, RI, Hempstead, NY, and Nashville, TN. There is now a substantial body of research and field experience documenting that these strategies are associated with large reductions in violent and drug crime. The National Network for Safe Communities believes that these successful innovations mean that America can deal with its crime problems in a fundamentally different way. The National Network brings together the jurisdictions around the country that are currently implementing either the group violence reduction strategy (GVRS) or the drug market intervention (DMI) strategy or both; help them learn from one another; help them address common issues; provide a supportive community of practice for new jurisdictions; and work to make these strategies standard practice across the United States. "

National Network for Safe Communities
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