Methodology to Improve Aviation Security with Terrorist Using Aircraft as a Weapon   [open pdf - 985KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The aviation industry is a large network of agglomerated systems that connects people and places. Since the 9/11 attacks, aviation security in the United States has undergone tremendous changes and improvements. Nonetheless, threat detection mechanisms remain imperfect as seen from hijacking attempts by passengers who have gone undetected via security. Alternate ways of thinking and looking at security was explored through a system perspective. The focus was on passenger security system with the intention of identifying potential areas of improvement for aviation security with terrorist using aircraft as a weapon. A supply chain approach was taken as the model to move and deliver people as goods through security checks to the aircrafts. Together with this approach, the concept of risks, uncertainties and the associated risk assessment of potentially defective 'goods' were examined. A systems engineering process was used. Through systematic analysis scrutinizing interactions between airport objects and passengers (as objects), this thesis pin-points possible gaps, and thereby identify approaches or means to safeguard and counter these risks. Analysis included the exploration of the trade space between different entities within the system and the interactions between objects, functions, processes, and its associated results."

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