Terror Sting Operations in the Muslim Community-Developing Recommendations for Improving Public Support   [open pdf - 559KB]

From the thesis abstract: "This thesis analyzes the criticisms surrounding the use of terror sting operations by law enforcement agencies for the purpose of developing recommendations to increase public support, particularly among the American Muslim population. The relevant literature is replete with criticisms surrounding the behavior of civilian informants during terror sting operations and the effect those actions have on community relations. Critics claim that terror sting operations constitute spying, profiling, and entrapment. Contrary to that claim, however, is the fact that these operations have successfully withstood intense legal scrutiny; trials in which defendants are accused of carrying out these plots have always resulted in conviction. The goal of this thesis, therefore, is not to argue that the operations not be conducted, but rather to identify improvements that law enforcement agencies can implement to minimize the perception that terror sting operations are a form of entrapment or profiling. The results of this research are recommendations centered on addressing the most common or legitimate criticisms. The goal of these recommendations is to minimize the negative impact on community relations while simultaneously improving the quality of terror sting operations."

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