Instilling a Culture of Accountability at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Leveraging the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act (GPRA-MA) of 2010   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Linking the theoretical conceptualization of public and organizational accountability, defined as a culture of high-trust, with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act (GPRA-MA) of 2010, may revolutionize the way Department of Homeland Security (DHS) leaders and performance practitioners, partners and stakeholders consider and apply strategic performance management practices and processes within the department. This thesis contains twelve (12) recommendations based on the concept of meta-governance, which incorporates 'relational webs' and 'network power' involving the general public, into departmental performance management and improvement processes. Our next generation solution to creatively implement the GPRA-MA, innovative (democratic) networked governance, integrates social complexity theory epistemologies and best practice principles in an attempt to ameliorate the five (5) cultural conditions identified as contributing to deficiencies within the five (5) major focus areas of the GPRA-MA. Placing organizational management, strategic planning, program evaluation, performance measurement, governance, accountability and decision making within the larger context of fiscal, ethical and democratic responsibility and responsiveness, would be an inestimable force multiplier to both DHS politically appointed and career officials, having the potential to revolutionize the way the United States of America secures and protects its homeland."

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