Creating a Better End Game Strategy: Fully Exploiting the Capabilities of Multiple Disciplines   [open pdf - 414KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The United States' strategy to combat the terrorism threat has been widely debated since the attacks on 9/11. These attacks spurred many opinions on the best method to counter terrorism, whether through the military, law enforcement, intelligence, or diplomacy. The United States Intelligence Community has highly motivated agencies with specialized tools and techniques which have been effectively used to thwart terrorist plots and engage in offensive actions. Unfortunately, there is no singular answer to terrorism. It requires the assimilation and strategic usage of these disciplines to be successful. The United States government must advance beyond mere coordination as it is not the optimal standard. Collaboration is the defining difference to achieve the best strategic advantage. An analysis of the best practices identified in business and government to form cohesion within a unit will be conducted and compared to the current structures within the Intelligence Community. The strengths and limitations of existing units are carefully analyzed, and a model is proposed and examined using the same methodology. This research suggests that through a highly collaborative unit engaging all the relevant disciplines the United States can move toward a more effective strategy to counter the terrorist threat."

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