Flourishing Craft: Teaching Intelligence Studies   [open pdf - 6MB]

"This Conference on Teaching Intelligence Studies at Colleges and Universities establishes another benchmark in the advancement of thought on the democratization of the concept of intelligence and of the intelligence calling. In the tradition of Sherman Kent's 'Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy' (1949) and Roger Hilsman's 'Strategic Intelligence and National Decisions' (1956), and in the spirit of Klaus Knorr's 'Foreign Intelligence and the Social Sciences', Research Monograph No. 17 (Princeton, NJ: Center of International Studies, 1964), this collection of papers highlights the convergence of academic and applied factions in the pursuit of intelligence professionalism. […] Authors in this volume merely represent the many others who harbor a boundless passion for learning and teaching about intelligence. Nearly all the authors come to the craft with years of experience in the application of intelligence principles and practices, usually but not always within government circles. Readers will note some very well-known names among these authors, and the College is pleased to count two of its own faculty among them. The Editor also notes that the next Occasional Paper in this series, 'Intelligence Essentials for Everyone', will continue the impulse toward convergence of government and private-sector reflection on the science and art of intelligence."

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Occasional Paper No. 5
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Teaching Intelligence Studies at Colleges and Universities. Joint Military Intelligence College. June 18, 1999
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