Kenosha Gang Project: Preliminary Report   [open pdf - 6MB]

"In December 1986, the Task Force on Gangs commissioned the university of Wisconsin, Parkside to conduct a study on the local gang situation. The main focus of the study was to analyze existing data within tha Kenosha Police Department, the Kenosha County Department of Social services, and the Kenosha Unified School District. The research team also interviewed key people in the community and self-identified gang members. The goal of this study was to provide Kenosha with a better understanding of the local street gang situation. The unique aspect of the Kenosha Gang project was the participation of twelve University of Wisconsin, Parkside students who worked on this research project. To be more specific, the students developed the research design, collected the data, analyzed the data, and contributed to the final report. This project was offered as a sociology course during Spring 1987, and continued through the summer. such a project has provided students with an opportunity to gain 'hands on' experience doing sociological research. Moreover, the students were able to provide the community with a much underutilized resource, which has resulted in considerable savings to the city. The objectives of the Kenosha Gang project were: 1. To tabulate and analyze three existing data bases as they relate to gangs. 2. To interview key people in the community who work with local gang members. 3. To interview self-identified gang members in Kenosha. 4. To provide students with an opportunity to do research and to provide hands on experience in the various aspects of sociological research."

1987 Susan R. Takata
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