Coffee Break Training: Access and Water Supplies: Fire Flow Formulas: Part 10: Insurance Services Office Needed Fire Flow Formula: Occupancy Factor   [open pdf - 543KB]

"The student will be able to list the variables used in the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Needed Fire Flow (NFF) formula to establish the 'occupancy factor.' Recent Coffee Break Training items explained how to solve for the dimensionless 'construction factor' variable, Ci, in the ISO NFF formula: NFFi = (Ci) (Oi) [1 + (X + P)] Today, we introduce the occupancy factor variable, Oi, and how it affects the formula. In general, Oi addresses the combustibility of contents that may be found in all or a portion of the occupancy that is being evaluated for fire flow. As combustibility of contents increases, the water supply requirements increase as well. As discussed in Coffee Break Training 2013-36, the goal is to provide enough water to suppress the heat energy released by the fire and protect exposures."

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Coffee Break Training - Fire Protection Series No. FP-2013-45
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