Coffee Break Training: Supporting Fire Prevention/Community Risk Reduction   [open pdf - 555KB]

"Effective leaders understand how human behavior is driven by culture. The culture of an organization influences how its members behave. The leadership of an organization is ultimately responsible for facilitating its culture. Leaders must be willing to champion the prevention mission, particularly when it may be unpopular in the remainder of the organization. If an organization has institutionalized risk reduction as a core value, most of its members will embrace prevention activities and provide support with a professional, enthusiastic attitude. Even in an organization that supports prevention, some members may not necessarily embrace the activities they are expected to perform; however, most will do what needs to be done in a professional manner and without complaint. Factors that contribute to institutional support of fire prevention/risk reduction include resources dedicated to prevention, staff training on why and how to deliver services, and continuous feedback on the impact of efforts. In departments where a culture supportive of prevention has not been built, there may be dissenters who speak out against performing duties and/or attempt to purposely derail risk-reduction initiatives."

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Coffee Break Training - Fire Prevention and Public Education Series No. FM-2013-14
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United States Fire Administration: http://www.usfa.fema.gov/
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