Lesson Learned, Mass Care Response: Planning for Exotic, Zoo, and Illegal Animals   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The February 2011 State of Ohio Earthquake Mass Care Tabletop Exercise revealed that mass care stakeholders had not planned for the shelter needs of exotic, zoo, or illegal animals. Participants also noted that no State agency had authority or responsibility to provide guidance and support to local jurisdictions in the sheltering of these animals. Recommendations included amending mass care plans to incorporate the needs of exotic, zoo, and illegal animals and to assign responsibility to specific State agencies. […] This Lessons Learned document focuses on the importance of planning and assigning responsibility for exotic, zoo, and illegal animals. Participants noted that the mass care plans they were testing in this exercise neither planned for shelter of these animals nor assigned responsibility for corresponding support and guidance to local emergency management agencies to a State agency. They also noted that this issue could be remedied in future disasters with improved planning."

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