Multinational Experiment 7: Outcome 1: Maritime Security Region: The Arctic   [open pdf - 616KB]

"The analysis of the Arctic Region was done as part of the Multinational Experiment 7 (MNE7) assessment of six MSRs or Maritime Regions to empirically examine efforts to establish and maintain maritime security in different parts of the world. The insights gained from these studies have been used to inform and shape the MNE7 security concept and handbook. Each region has been analyzed from a cultural, political, economical and operational angle to assess the security order and specific threats and challenges to maritime security in the regions." This document gives a description of the Arctic and problems that affect the area, such as climate change, shipping routes, marine resources, and oil and gas. The main state actors, investors, and non-state actors active in the Arctic are discussed in relation to their purpose in the Arctic. The final section of this analysis details the political, military, economic, and legal order in the Arctic.

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