FARC's Influence in Brazil   [open pdf - 683KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Colombia is one of 10 countries which is bordered by Brazil. Colombia also presents the highest risk to Brazilian sovereignty due to the presence of the largest drug trafficker and guerrilla group on the American continent, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In addition, the region is located in the Amazon forest, one of the richest and most coveted biomes on the planet. The guerrilla organization that was born nearly half a century has undergone periods of growth and weakening, but currently still has the capacity to carry out effective direct or indirect actions. These actions can be characterized as risks to the sovereignty of the countries surrounding Colombia, including Brazil. The FARC can impose many potential threats on Brazilian sovereignty in the Amazonia as well as the entire territory. These threats include drug trafficking, recruiting people of the region to FARC's cause, weapons trafficking, occupying Brazilian territory to install training bases, and deep relationships with authorities at the highest levels of power. Analyzing the potential of these threats may be conducive to improving the ongoing Brazilian government policy, and consequentially the operational role of the Brazilian Army and its contribution to achieving the strategic goal of maintaining untouchable Brazilian sovereignty."

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