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"This warning lexicon is a compilation of the terms and concepts associated with such areas as intelligence readiness, threat and crisis management, and indications and warning analysis. It seeks to highlight the concept of warning as a distinct activity within the intelligence profession. [...] The words for this handbook were chosen for their relevancy and common usage inside and outside of the military and Intelligence Communities. [...] Additionally, the numerous books in the annotated bibliography focus specifically on strategic warning and threat management. Some may argue that all intelligence books are related to warning. However, including all intelligence books would only reinforce the notion that warning is a subset of the intelligence production process. The books briefly reviewed here can enlighten the reader about how intelligence was used either by analysts or policymakers specifically for the act of warning (or in some books, the failure to warn or to respond to the warning.) Nearly all of the concepts and words noted in the glossary section are revisited in these books. The final section of this handbook briefly reviews some of the theses written at the Joint Military Intelligence College that have addressed strategic warning and threat management. Some theses review intelligence episodes from which warning lessons can be learned. Other, evaluative studies seek to improve warning methods and institutional development."

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