International Law in Cyberspace   [open pdf - 158KB]

From the transcript: "Everyone here knows that cyberspace presents new opportunities and new challenges for the United States in every foreign policy realm, including national defense. But for international lawyers, it also presents cutting-edge issues of international law, which go to a very fundamental question: how do we apply old laws of war to new cyber-circumstances, staying faithful to enduring principles, while accounting for changing times and technologies? Many, many international lawyers here in the U.S. Government and around the world have struggled with this question, so today I'd like to present an overview of how we in the U.S. Government have gone about meeting this challenge. At the outset, let me highlight that the entire endeavor of applying established international law to cyberspace is part of a broader international conversation. We are not alone in thinking about these questions; we are actively engaged with the rest of the international community, both bilaterally and multilaterally, on the subject of applying international law in cyberspace. With your permission, I'd like to offer a series of questions and answers that illuminate where we are right now -- in a place where we've made remarkable headway in a relatively short period of time, but are still finding new questions for each and every one we answer. In fact, the U.S. Government has been regularly sharing these thoughts with our international partners. Most of the points that follow we have not just agreed upon internally, but made diplomatically, in our submissions to the UN [United Nations] Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) that deals with information technology issues."

Author:Koh, Howard Kyongju, 1952-
Publisher:United States. Department of State
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Source:USCYBERCOM [United States Cyber Command] Inter-Agency Legal Conference: The Roles of Cyber in National Defense. Ft. Meade, MD. September 18, 2012
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