Coffee Break Training: Determining Your Waist-to-Height Ratio and Associated Health Risks   [open pdf - 426KB]

"In a previous Coffee Break installment, we looked at waist circumference, specifically the maximum recommended waist circumference for both men and women. In this installment, we'll look at the WHtR [Waist-to-Height Ratio], which is yet another indicator of abdominal fat accumulation. The WHtR has been shown to be one of the most effective predictors of health risks like stroke, heart disease and diabetes. It has also been used to estimate life expectancy. A healthy WHtR is 0.5 or less, meaning that your waist circumference should be no more than half of your height. Recent research studies performed at Oxford Brooks University show that health risks begin to increase as individuals' WHtRs exceed 0.5. They also found that life expectancy begins to decrease as WHtRs increase. The most significant finding was that individuals with a WHtR exceeding 0.8 shortened their life expectancy by an average of 17 years."

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Coffee Break Training - Responder Health and Safety Series No. HS-2013-3
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