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"This dynamic analysis tool allows you to examine National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) on inmates under the jurisdiction of both federal and state correctional authorities. You can instantly generate tables of numbers and rates of national and jurisdictional statistics, from 1978 to the most recent year that NPS data are available. The web tool includes state-level prisoner data from the 50 state departments of corrections, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), and the District of Columbia (until 2001, when sentenced felons from the District became the responsibility of the BOP). The pre-set Quick Tables show you trends in prisoner statistics and provide links to key tables in the most recent BJS publication on the U.S. prisoner population. If you would like more detail, use the Custom Tables to analyze yearend populations, admissions, or releases. You can create custom tables of yearend populations by the number of inmates in custody or under legal jurisdiction, those held in the custody of private facilities and local jails, the imprisonment rate of prisoners sentenced to more than 1 year, and noncitizens and juveniles in prison. You can customize tables of prison admissions or releases by many variables. All custom tables can be analyzed further by the prisoner's sex. You can find more detail under Definitions. The FAQs [frequently asked questions] provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. This User's Guide provides everything you need to get started."

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