Rural Ambulance Service Budget Model   [open pdf - 986KB]

"We are very pleased to offer you the 'Rural Ambulance Service Budget Model.' This budgeting and financial management tool is an important part of the financial toolkit under development for rural ambulance services and rescue squads that do not have the resources to purchase such tools themselves. We recognize that rural ambulance services are an essential component of rural health care systems. Budgeting and financial management is but one of the many challenges facing rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies in the United States today. Rural EMS agencies also face such issues as recruitment and retention of qualified, trained human resources; increasing education and training requirements; increasing cost of equipment and increasing funding challenges, to name a few. […] The 'Rural Ambulance Service Budget Model' provides a management tool that enables a service to enter known financial information into a simple, yet elegant preprogrammed spreadsheet. Once information is entered into the model, a budget is automatically calculated that can be exported into off the shelf accounting software and monthly budget versus actual results can be used to better manage limited funds and plan for improved financial management of the service."

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