Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the 113th Congress: Major Provisions in Senate-Passed S. 744 [July 09, 2013]   [open pdf - 588KB]

"For several years, some Members of Congress have favored 'comprehensive immigration reform' (CIR), a label that commonly refers to omnibus legislation that includes increased border security and immigration enforcement, expanded employment eligibility verification, revision of nonimmigrant visas and legal permanent immigration, and legalization for some unauthorized aliens residing in the country. Other Members of Congress may favor addressing these issues sequentially (e.g., by implementing enforcement provisions and perhaps reforming legal immigration prior to legalization), and/or may disagree with the legalization and increased legal immigration provisions that have been features of major CIR bills. Still others may be interested in legislating on some elements of CIR but not others. […] This report summarizes major provisions of S. 744, as reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee and as modified and passed on the Senate floor. CRS's analysis focuses on eight major policy areas that encompass the U.S. immigration debate: comprehensive reform 'triggers' and funding; border security; interior enforcement; employment eligibility verification and worksite enforcement; legalization of unauthorized aliens; immigrant visas; nonimmigrant visas; and humanitarian provisions."

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CRS Report for Congress, R43097
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