Authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to Order the Closing of Certain Streets Located Along the Perimeter of the White House: Memorandum for Edward S. Knight, General Counsel, Department of the Navy [May 12, 1995]   [open pdf - 50KB]

"This is in response to your request for a legal opinion from the Office of Legal Counsel ('OLC') on whether the Secretary of the Treasury ('Secretary') has the authority to order the closing to vehicular traffic of (1) Pennsylvania Avenue between 17th Street and Madison Avenue, (2) State Place, (3) and the segment of South Executive Avenue that connects into State Place in furtherance of his responsibility to protect the President under 18 U.S.C. § 3056. Based on a review of § 3056 and related statutes, their legislative histories, and relevant court and OLC opinions, we conclude that § 3056 grants the Secretary broad authority to take actions that are necessary and proper to protect the President. In light of the recommendations of the White House Security Review and the United States Secret Service's unique expertise and special responsibility in this matter, we agree with your conclusion that § 3056 authorizes the actions contemplated by the Secretary."

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