Global Horizons: Final Report   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The key findings of the Air Force [AF] 'Global Horizons' study are: [1] Constraints (natural resource, human, budget, time) compel efficiency, speed, and focus. [2] S&T [Science & Technology] recommendations from 'Technology Horizons' (autonomy, human effectiveness), 'Energy Horizons' (generation, use, distribution), and 'Cyber Vision 2025' (mission assurance, resiliency and agility, human machine integration, trust) studies remain valid. [3] Global domains will be increasingly contested, congested, and competitive, adversely impacting AF core functions. [4] Strategic opportunity exists to leverage $1.4 trillion in global R&D [Research & Development] investment; rapid and efficient leverage of global invention/innovation is essential to sustaining advantage. [5] Supply of educated talent will be constrained and contested. Global threats and opportunities compel action on the following key study recommendations: [1] Enhance global S&T vigilance to anticipate and counter strategic threats [...]. [2] Focus AF S&T on game changers with associated revolutionary CONOPS [concept of operations] [...] with priority effort on: [3] Trusted and resilient cyberspace1 [sic] assured PNT [positioning, navigation, and timing] (e.g., cold atoms, vision based navigation), hypersonics and directed energy weapons, bio-inspired computation, advanced materials and manufacturing, personalized health and performance. [4] Employ agile and innovative acquisition approaches (e.g., grand challenges/prizes, crowdsourcing, ACTDs [Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration], prototyping); foster partnerships [...]; shape doctrine, policy, and processes (RDT&E [Research, Development, Test and Evaluation], digital thread) for agility, speed, and economy. [...]. [5] Proactively track and leverage AF relevant global industrial investments (e.g., transportation, manufacturing, health) and pursue strategic international partnering. [...]. [6] Inspire and focus accession, development and retention of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce."

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AF/ST TR 13-01; Air Force/Small Business Technology Transer 13-01
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