Reboot: Defining Paths to Cyber Policy, Law, and Technology Solutions   [open pdf - 660KB]

"As numerous studies, reports, and public discussions have clearly articulated over the past several years, the threat and potential impact of cyberattacks against the United States is growing daily. Moreover, there is an increasing awareness and recognition that given the relative 'lawless' nature of cyberspace-the 'Wild West' analogy-governments must step up to the challenge of more closely partnering with the private sector, which ultimately owns, operates, and continues to develop the technologies and systems that comprise the network. This partnership must be genuine and built solidly on a trust relationship. At the federal level, the United States government must develop and nurture a security environment where all parties, to include individual citizens, understand and execute their roles and responsibilities in creating and maintaining a secure, functional, and interdependent communication network. Government has the responsibility, authority, and resources to establish parameters and incentivize secure behaviors before, during, and after some cyber 'event.' The private sector has the means and often the business drivers to ensure operational continuity of the nation's information networks. What is required is the motivation to more routinely work within industry sectors and more closely with government to organize comprehensive and robust solutions with reasonable expectations of protection from unreasonable exposure and liability that such cooperation currently exposes."

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, LLNL-TR-435055
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