LLIS Trend Analysis: Full Scale Exercises and Real World Events: Analysis of 2007-2012 Tornado After Action Reports   [open pdf - 594KB]

"The Lessons Learned Information Sharing research team selected and analyzed 32 tornado after action reports (AARs) published between 2007 and 2012 to develop this Trend Analysis. Eighteen of the reviewed AARs refer to full-scale exercises (FSE) while fourteen focus on response and recovery operations following a real world tornado event. Core capabilities identified as areas of improvement that the team focused on during this review include: [1] Critical transportation, [2] Community resilience, [3] Environmental response/health and safety, [4] Mass care services, [5] Mass search and rescue operations, [6] Operational communications, [7] Operational coordination, [8] Planning, [9] Public and private services and resources, [10] Public information and warning, [11] On-scene security and protection, and [12] Training. The analysis of this AAR sample shows that FSE participants and emergency personnel responding to a tornado may experience some similar issues and challenges. The findings described in this document can help emergency management and response organizations prioritize limited local resources to best prepare for the impact of tornadoes."

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