Mitigation Paths for Free-Space GPS Jamming   [open pdf - 239KB]

"Many modern weapon systems depend on Global Positioning System (GPS) to achieve midcourse or terminal accuracy requirements. This reliance on GPS navigation dictates that weapon system test facilities be equipped to create realistic GPS jamming (GPSJ) environments. The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWPNS) at China Lake is developing a system of free-space jammers to create a realistic GPS threat environment. The goal of this effort is to yield a high-degree of commonality among outdoor jamming systems and the ones used in NAWCWPNS' Navigation Laboratory and anechoic facilities. The ability to successfully conduct free-space GPS jamming tests in the continental US is highly problematic due to extensive civilian use of GPS. This paper begins by discussing the major issue related to conducting free-space GPS jamming tests: interference with commercial and other DoD GPS users. Following this discussion, the paper focuses on proposed mitigation methods modeled after NAWCWPNS' energetic materials testing process. The paper concludes with an analysis of a scenario based on an example free-space GPS jammer."

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