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"Many news stories, and television documentaries covered this horrific night. Theories and speculation of an explosion that caused this Boeing 747 to fall from 13,800 feet, ten miles off Long Island is still a mystery. The individuals that compose of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and other agencies involved with this downed flight, have performed a superlative job trying to place all the pieces of this puzzle in their particular order. Yet, there is a very small piece of the puzzle remaining, which has not been found: The hard work and long hours of dedication to solve the mystery of Flight 800 continue. When I was asked to write this story, my mind wandered to the many important people I encountered over the four years I was stationed at Group Moriches. My role as the senior Health Service Technician of the Medical Department was self-full filling, and a job that I enjoyed. The Group office had two active duty medical positions, and one reserve position. Theresa, my reservist Chief John Phillips and myself took care of the medical needs and trained about 350 active duty and reserve personnel, comprising of 6 units and one 82 foot cutter scattered from Jones Beach to Montauk[.]"

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