U.S. Navy Salvage Report: TWA Flight 800   [open pdf - 5MB]

"Soon after 8:31 on the evening of 17 July 1996, Trans World Airways [TWA] Flight 800, a Boeing 747-131 bound for Paris, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean some 10 miles southeast of East Moriches, Long Island (see Figure 1-1). Throughout the night and the following day, rescuers searched for survivors. None were found. It was later established that all 230 people on board Flight 800 died. This report describes the U.S. Navy's participation in the multi-agency effort to recover the remains of the victims of the incident and the aircraft wreckage to help investigators determine the cause of the crash. The history of this effort is, first and foremost, the story of a salvage operation carried out under unusual and often trying conditions. it thus offers many insights into the techniques of open-ocean diving and marine salvage. The story is not complete, however, without a thorough examination of the way that Navy officials dealt with challenges such as interagency cooperation and public relations."

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