National Institute of Justice Research Report: Review of Gun Safety Technologies   [open pdf - 4MB]

"When such an issue with deep and powerful cultural resonance as firearms is given the full attention of the nation, the challenges involved with confronting the complex interconnectedness of law, public safety, Constitutional rights, policy, technology, market forces, and other concerns seem only amplified. With careful consideration, however, untangling the various components of the issue is possible, and an investigation of technology can be accomplished with minimal diversion into the other realms. This report examines existing and emerging gun safety technologies and their availability and use to provide a comprehensive perspective on firearms with integrated advanced safety technologies. These firearms are known by various terms such as smart guns, user-authorized handguns, childproof guns, and personalized firearms. A 'personalized firearm' can be understood to utilize integrated components that exclusively permit an 'authorized user' or set of users to operate or fire the gun and automatically 'deactivate' it under a set of specific circumstances, reducing the chances of accidental or purposeful use by an 'unauthorized user'."

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