Department of Homeland Security, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: Fiscal Year 2010 Annual and Consolidated Quarterly Reports to Congressress   [open pdf - 1MB]

"During Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, the Department's continued commitment to civil rights and civil liberties enabled CRCL [Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties] to advance and improve its existing programs, as well as to expand. CRCL is committed to the idea that American security and American rights are reinforcing. Core civil rights values--liberty, fairness, and equality under the law--are a vital part of America. American values are themselves a bulwark against those who threaten us. As President Obama has explained, 'We uphold our most cherished values not only because doing so is right, but because it strengthens our country and it keeps us safe. Time and again, our values have been our best national security asset--in war and peace; in times of ease and in eras of upheaval.' FY 2010 was an important year for CRCL. As the Department analyzed and refined its mission sets in the February 2010 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, we aligned CRCL's activities to those missions--Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security; Securing and Managing Our Borders; Enforcing and Administering Our Immigration Laws; Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace; and Ensuring Resilience to Disasters. As a result, in FY 2010, CRCL expanded its participation in programs and activities throughout the Department and continued its efforts to promote civil rights and civil liberties."

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