Environmental Protection Issues in the 108th Congress [Updated January 28, 2004]   [open pdf - 101KB]

"This issue brief provides an overview of some of the key environmental protection issues that have been and are likely to continue to be the focus of public and congressional attention. The individual sections below on specific issues reference more detailed CRS [Congressional Research Service] reports. Initially, the 108th Congress finalized FY2003 funding not completed by the 107th Congress. A consolidated appropriations act, H.J.Res. 2 (P.L. 108-7), included $8.0 billion for EPA. Budgetary attention next turned to the FY2004 appropriations, for which the EPA request was $7.6 billion. The House approved $8.0 billion in H.R. 2861, amended, on July 25 (H.Rept. 108-235). The Senate approved $8.1 billion in H.R. 2861, amended (S. 1584, S.Rept. 108-143), on November 18, 2003. Since October 1, continuing resolutions have funded EPA at the FY2003 level of $8.08 billion. A conference-approved omnibus appropriation bill, H.R. 2673 (H.Rept. 108- 401), funding EPA at $8.4 billion for FY2004 was signed into law on January 23, 2004 (P.L. 108-199). A number of other key issues have seen, or are likely to see, action in the 108th Congress, including leaking underground storage tanks that may contaminate water supplies, wastewater treatment utility and chemical facility security, expanding authority for an EPA ombudsman, environmental concerns in surface transportation reauthorization legislation, brownfields grants, environmental issues in comprehensive energy legislation, and defense cleanup and military/environment issues. These issues are discussed in this report, along with other issues likely to be on the environmental agenda: Clean Air Act issues; Clean Water Act; Safe Drinking Water Act; climate change; and alternative fuels and vehicles. (The major emphasis in this issue brief is on pollution-related issues; environmental issues focused on natural resource management are not included here.)"

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