Victim Impact: Listen and Learn Participant Workbook   [open pdf - 1MB]

This curriculum is designed to teach offenders about the impact their behavior has on their victims. This behavior includes violent offenses, property crime, and others. The purpose of the training is to attempt to bring feelings of empathy to offenders and to prevent repeat crimes. "Welcome to Victim Impact: Listen and Learn. This program helps you to learn about the impact of crime on victims. You will have opportunities to learn information and skills that benefit you. The program challenges you to begin to focus on other people . . . people you have harmed. This is not a class about sentencing laws or offender rights. The focus is on victims. Although you may already think about the people that you have victimized, you may not know what it feels like to be victimized yourself. During this program, you will participate in activities, watch videos, and hear victims speak. You will see and hear directly from victims about how their lives have changed. This program consists of 13 units, built around 10 core crime topics: property crime, assault, robbery, hate and bias, gang violence, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, drunk and impaired driving, and homicide. Each unit will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. In this first session, I will explain what the program is all about and go over the program objectives and ground rules for participating. I'll have you sign the class contract and take a pretest, which will be administered again at the end of the program. The second class will introduce the concept of victim impact through class discussion and a series of group activities."

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