Long-Term U.S. Strategic Implications of Huawei's Penetration in Latin America   [open pdf - 430KB]

From the thesis abstract: "In recent years, Huawei Technologies Inc. has become one of the most powerful telecommunication companies in the world. While it has been very successful, it has been surrounded by controversy. The United States has presented multiple accusations against Huawei; however, the supporting evidence is often lacking. This thesis examines the U.S. strategic implications of Huawei's expansion into Latin America. First, the U.S. economic impact of this expansion is examined. Next, the security concerns posed by Huawei and accusations of espionage, intellectual property infringement, and an inappropriate relationship with Iran are evaluated. These accusations are then evaluated for validity based on the evidence presented. Finally, these findings are summarized and multiple future recommendations for research and actions are presented. Since there is little evidence to support many of the accusations against Huawei, it is essential to either find such evidence, or drop these claims."

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