Developing a Blueprint for Successful Private Partnership Programs in Small Fusion Centers: Key Program Components and Smart Practices   [open pdf - 495KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The 'Baseline Capabilities for State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers' required fusion centers to establish programs to interact with the private sector. These programs took the form of Public and Private Sector outreach programs. This requirement had a profound budgetary and operational impact on fusion centers, but agencies received very little guidance about how to plan, organize, and sustain these programs. The goal of this thesis was to identify smart practices and create an operational blueprint that fusion centers and intelligence units could use to establish a successful private sector outreach program. Three nationally recognized programs were studied and evaluated by a panel of subject-matter experts. The group identified six fundamental components that executives should consider prior to establishing a program: determine if the host agency has the expertise to manage the program, assess the agency's culture to identify it's willingness to interact with the business community, establish sustainable funding mechanisms prior to implementing the program, use a hybrid approach to communication including websites and face-to-face meetings, fully understand the value of the private sector, and emphasize the importance of participation by agency leadership."

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