Committee Oversight of Benghazi Attack: Vice Admiral K. W. Tidd Response to Howard 'Buck' McKeon   [open pdf - 37KB]

From the text: "Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your questions of October 18, 2012. I respectfully offer the following: (1) Neither I nor anyone in my directorate, at any time prior to September 11,2012, advised, formally or informally, the Department of State or any other agency to take action to increase security for U.S. personnel in Libya, nor did we request increased security for U.S. personnel in Libya. (2) Prior to September 11, 2012, I did not recommend, and no one in my directorate recommended, deployment of additional U.S. military forces to Libya due to the threat environment. (3) To my knowledge, no one in my chain of command made any such recommendations prior to September 11, 2012. (4) Following August 3, 2012, when the Defense Department Site Security Team completed its mission in Libya, until September 11, 2012, neither I nor anyone in my directorate received requests for additional U.S. military forces to augment security for U.S. personnel in Libya. After the attacks on September 11, 2012, by direction of the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense deployed the U.S. European Command Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team Platoon to reinforce security at the Embassy in Tripoli. Additional classified capabilities were deployed to the region which we reported to the appropriate committees and which we can brief you on at your convenience in a classified environment. Mr. Chairman, we share your concern for the safety and security of all United States citizens overseas. We continue to monitor closely the situation in Libya, as well as everywhere our forces are deployed, and we are ready to respond with additional military measures as directed by the President and the Secretary of Defense."

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