Our Changing Planet: The FY 1998 U.S. Global Change Research Program   [open pdf - 5MB]

"I am pleased to forward a copy of 'Our Changing Planet: the FY 1998 U.S Global Change Research Program'. This annual report was prepared under the auspices of the President's National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The first edition of 'Our Changing Planet' was transmitted to Congress as a supplement to the FY 1990 budget. In the eight years since, the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) has brought about dramatic improvements in our knowledge of the Earth system. Consider just a few of the major accomplishments. The rate, extent, and mechanisms of stratospheric ozone depletion are largely understood, enabling us to monitor the effectiveness of the remedial actions that this knowledge has stimulated. The rate and extent of South American tropical deforestation have been documented, the other tropical regions of the world are being inventoried, and a series of exciting new interdisciplinary investigations are unraveling the basic processes, causes and effects of land cover change. The onset and effects of El Niño/Southern Oscillation ocean circulation events in the Pacific are being predicted with increasing accuracy, and these science results are being used to create useful information for resource managers around the world."

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