Global Trends in Anti-Semitism   [open pdf - 163KB]

"It has been four years since the President went to Cairo to speak out against intolerance as a global ill. Much has happened since that time. Old authoritarian regimes which preached fear and hate have fallen. But the damage they have done to the world view of their own people lives on -- and it complicates the efforts of democrats in those societies to build national cultures that are tolerant and democratic. The popular rejection of the old regimes presents the United States with both an opportunity and a challenge. We can and must support efforts to combat hate and promote tolerance in our world. […] We are attempting -- through diplomacy, public messaging and programs all over the world -- to advance those principles. Our strategy is to confront and combat hatred in all its ugly forms -- whether it is hatred directed against people on account of their religion, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or differences of political opinion or due to their country of origin. Anti-Semitism is a widespread form of such hatred. If we want to change these trends, we need to stand together in our efforts to promote tolerance, acceptance and compassion."

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Jewish Council for Public Affairs Plenum 2013, Washington, DC, March 10, 2013
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